Garden III ©

Garden III ©

A new day opens, and I’m met with your grace 

expecting to turn and see your face,

rather the sun lays upon your place. 

In this stage I’ve become complacent  

with the absence of my ace. 

I’ve spared the chase 

of a replace

that will never fill your space. 

I collided so hard, lost track of pace,

enjoyed the wounds it gave,

plus pain is in my race. 

I long for luxury.  

These ideals of riches are controlling me. 

Craving discounted love that fills me up, then leaves, mean thieves. 

Later that night I was awaken from my sleep,

my ears filled with your screech. 

Your arms would touch mine,

looking for some comfort and believe me, 

I was trying. 

I question what you were trying to escape,

your body or the trauma that kept you awake?

Have you gained some control?

It’s quiet,

your pain, so silent. 

The days of long conversations have closed,

you’re no longer open when it comes to what I can know. 

It’s only a matter of time before your ticket is pulled. 

Grand entrance, grand exit

it’s only your demons you’ve fooled. 

And when you met your dark demise, 

I died a little bit inside. 

I watched you inhabit dark places and

suddenly you’re less proud. 

I know you know the danger in it. 

Still, you stuck around. 

Breaking yourself to keep me whole,

now I’m uncovering secrets you patrolled. 

If my loneliness means your peace

then it’s bittersweet,

a deep-rooted symphony 

that mirrors you and me. 

Listen closely.

Hold steady this peace. 

I enjoy moments like these,

just you and me. 

Still water as I imagine your face. 

Your genes combined with mine,

such a beautiful sight. 

We mix fire with fire and bask in our delight. 

I bloom like a flower as I look into your eyes. 

One last time. 

I’m flooded with emotion

cause your spirit removes angst,

brings upon peace. 

God’s grace is the water,

our bodies the vase. 

What He has joined together, 

let no man break. 

Where love resides, death has no place. 

I don’t recognize this paleness that has filled your face. 

I grieve you in my heart. 

Distant, still I send my regards. 

Spirits lifted, 

pass the clouds and into the heavens. 

I send a prayer, hope it finds your heart. 

The laughs we shared, the fights we endured. The love we made, the pain we carried,

don’t believe it was all in vain. 

Sometimes I just sit and think of you. 

To grieve a hero is to grieve a person who molded themselves into a piece of you,

and you’re place there is permanent. 

When we meet again is uncertain 

but I’ll be counting the days we’re apart,

and all of the pain it brought. 

I’m a new woman now, outgrown my cheap thoughts. 

I find myself pondering whether you’d be proud or not. 

Your purpose in my life

was so misunderstood. 

I would hold you so close to me, and you’d stay as long as you could. 

I think there’s lessons to be learned when a loved one transitions. 

It’s taught my heart to fill itself

with love and well-wishes. 


 © 2020, Zion-Glory. All rights reserved.

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