a song for my people ©

a song for my people ©

A black woman

with dreams,

and society there to oppose them. 

A black man 

so gifted, 

to others this is poison. 

Why do you fear my greatness?

Am I a threat to your plans?

You speak with so much hatred

with my blood on your hands. 

Are you angry you can not stop me?

That my steps are directed?

Pardon my curiosity, what is the root of this aggression?

Is it generational guilt?

Has your conscious slightly drifted?

Are you aware of these colonizing people

seating devils in God’s position?

Spoon fed me lies as an adolescence,

got paid a salary to my dismay. 

To do a job is understood, but it’s the kids you’re told to betray?

Is your mind so rooted in ignorance

you must rewrite history as it’s taught?

I’m aware of your agenda,

some minds are not. 

The time will come when you’ll learn 

that true riches have no value attached, 

that the God that’s in my heart 

outweighs your evil attacks. 

So tell me how your heart feels

to be plagued by such evil?

You can speak hatred for years to come, 

but it will never break my people. 


 © 2020, Zion-Glory. All rights reserved.

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