soul ties ©

soul ties ©

Just another day, 

hiding the pain underneath.

I wonder if this grief will ever fade,

if it is here to stay. 

Please vacate. 

It’s hard to be present these days,

conversations are strained. 

Everybody is looking to me,

where is my defense when I’m in need?

Suddenly I’m supposed to take the lead?

Is the black woman supposed 

to carry the weight of everyone’s grief?

Then stand to her feet,

and lead?

Just tell me when I’m allowed to breathe through this pure grief. 

It won’t let me sleep,

just replays our memories when I’m supposed to feel some peace. 

Late nights, I wonder if you overhear my sobs and quiet cries

I can’t disguise. 

How could this be?

Was that our goodbye?

I almost drowned this evening

walking side by side,

held my breathe as I waved goodbye. 

True tragedy,

how I‘m sinking 

and nobody bats an eye. 

I swore I shattered my vocal cords last night. 

I called for your name hoping you’d reply, 

nobody heard my cries. 

Soul ties,

how I feel even closer despite your demise. 

Let it be just you and I. 

Close all the doors to my mind,

lock them behind. 

I wish I could hide

in these crowds of somber cries. 

To be the woman who embodies strength,

is painful as much as it is 

a mental game. 

I chase down my composure

as I draw you closer. 

Spiritually, you’re more present than before. 

I love when you’re around,

I feel so much warmth. 

Just warn me when you’re about to speak,

send me signs that bring relief,

don’t let this feeling leave. 

Night after night we meet,

I awake on these tear-stained sheets. 

Noticing when we part, 

all of my dreams leave. 

If your goal was to be free,

I reconsider this pain,

suddenly it was meant to be. 

Somehow it was meant for me. 

These thoughts are an instinct. 

I’m running to this sadness 

better disguised as a lie. 

Don’t pass judgement,

it makes me feel alive. 

My pride

tells me I’m just fine. 

I’m only hurting myself,

cause I know that’s a lie. 

I’ve been waiting for the day I awake, 

and the pain would subside. 

My soulmate.  

My safe place. 

The distance could never change

the bond we maintained. 

Nobody can take your place. 

So in this moment, let me be at peace. 

Let our spirits reconvene

at a time that’s more fulfilling, 

in places more serene. 

With nothing to hide,

just you and I. 

Our soul ties, will never die. 

Our soul ties, will never die. 


 © 2020, Zion-Glory. All rights reserved.

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