be near ©

be near ©

In my darkest hour,

when my faith has seeped,

when my doubts are louder than the strength I keep,

will you rock me to sleep? 

Will you silence my weeps?

When I come to you in moments of sadness, 

full of expression and barely at ease

then, am I weak? 

Even in my misery, 

I’m stubborn in my ability to upkeep an image of the strongest being, 

only to realize I’m that giant among smaller things. 

When my world has fallen apart and I feel no angel to guide me from the dark, 

will you speak to my heart? Will you guide me and never part?

Through my loudest cries and my deepest sorrows,

will you still care? Will I find you there?

Through my anger, and my frustrations, in my depression, and my dedication. 

Through my moments of joy and my affairs with pain, 

to prepare for the day we must part,

yet an angel is gained. 

Don’t let our trauma show its face again. 

When our triumph takes my breath

and our defeat looks the best,


Don’t ponder how you’ll build from the crumbs you have left. 

Think back to the moments of time when our love was in bliss, move forward, 

hear my last wish. 

In my final moments and my deepest despair,

lend me an ear. 

Don’t come with answers,

don’t fix my fears,

don’t ask me questions that my heart can’t hear. 

Don’t dry my tears, 

with all there is to bear,

just be near. 

When my legs find no strength 

and my power is gone,

when my will has diminished and I’ve been pushed beyond, 

take me to the gates, carry me home. 

Give me rest, 

embrace me in my final state. 

Don’t use words to confess our mistakes, let our spirits meet, let the silence speak. 

When your light is dim 

and my halo appears 

don’t turn your head,

mend those fears. 

For the absence of one is the birth of another,

So as you grieve the ground that’s been broken,

look through those cracks beneath you, find all there is to discover.

Go out on a limb, dig out all those pieces you’ve covered. 

Don’t excuse your emotion when our memories come to surface,

don’t run from the moment.

Embrace the broken, 

draw them near.

No matter how much you wander, or how far you veer,

Don’t hide your scares, 

take them to the King, 

and I’ll be there.  ©

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