Realignment ©

Realignment ©


I’ve been talking to God nonstop. 

Came to Him with my heart caving inward, just craving something meaningful. 

My mind was on a downward spiral, 

yet our dialect was beautiful. 

I’ve experienced true abundance 

in the times I had the least in me. 

Those nights I went soul searching,

found a menu on Your plate of compassion.

Words of guidance spoken 

from the King Himself,

served up and rationed. 

Your awareness of my intention was something that intrigued me.

It’s amazing how I feel Your spirit in me,

how You walk about so freely. 

Who sent You, 

fully dressed in my blessings?

Warm arms of protection

You’ve gifted in me such awareness 

from my life experiences. 

Taught me that wisdom is contingent upon my willingness to be wrong, 

and listen.

Nights like this I give You honor

and I pray in You I learn commitment. 

Bring me patience in these months of harvest. 

Show me whether planting seeds 

in this moment in time will be met with abundance or famine in the coming seasons,

its all based in these conversations. 


 © 2020, Zion-Glory. All rights reserved.

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