true love exists ©

true love exists ©

I do believe true love exists. 

A love that outshines the noise, and fulfillment with gifts. 

a love that needs no validation 

and is gentle with its healing. 

a love with meaning. 

a love that meets me in my chapters 

walks me down each page and onto the next, regardless of how the story worsens. 

I do believe true love exists

not because I’ve found it in another person

but because I’ve found it in this:

in my lowest moment, when life was all but gleam

I was comforted in my times of anguish

and through its shadows, I was seen. 

no judgement, scolded shame 

no heart as tender as mine to carry the blame. 

in all my shortcomings and affairs with pain

I still believe true love exists 

because His love for me remained the same. 

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