Fix me. 

Pour that honey you call love into my holes, let it marinate. 

Fill me up, I promise I won't get tired. 

Let those echoes that fill this bareness speak words of healing. 

Let me progress without you. 

Oh how we still move in unison regardless of whether we are near or apart. 

How I fall apart. 

Fall in love with me again, don't leave me twisted. 

Refill those holes you burnt into me with dirt. 

Allow my roots to reach you in distant places. 

This keeps me grounded. 

All of this keeps me grounded. 

Just as that day you left me and never came back, carrying my roots with you. 

Leaving me to grow and make up for the time we are still losing. 

Our distance. 

It keeps me grounded. 


 © 2020, Zion-Glory. All rights reserved.

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