a tease ©

a tease ©

It was all a tease,

the way my heart perceived a quiet place when my mind was at ease. 

I felt peace.

Another moment like this isn’t guaranteed, 

so when our eyes are laid upon one another, take precious care of the sight you see.

In due time, it’ll be a distant memory. 

Be in the moment,

indulge in me. 

I plead. 

But when you come near, 

my spirit flees. 

The emptiness is so loud,

it inhabits me. 

I remember when we would sit

upon the clouds of delusion,

thinking your heart was a perfect fit for mine. 

I was blind. 

Sharp triggers would move those clouds aside,

brought about rain this time. 

I had no idea how 

we would survive these tides. 

You told me you would save me,

I don’t believe that this time. 

I was the only one fighting

to keep peace in our lives. 

There came a time

I was saddened by the lack of light inside 

so I focused on the better parts of you, 

let the rest drag behind. 

And I felt fine. 

But it hurt to see the better parts of you were solely in my mind,

and the light that kept you visible

were stolen from pieces of mine. 

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