There he was when she was sick and twisted in her mind, hating herself.

He holds her head up when she’s crying and ashamed to face the world they live in.

Her pain cuts so deep, and leaves her empty in every portion.

She’s broken, betrayed, and doesn’t know how to face it.

Somehow, on those bitter cold days, he pulls her out of bed and gives her the strength to acknowledge the pain and shape it.

He’s her backbone and she never wants to leave his side, all of her purpose resides in him.

All of this comfort was only temporary, when some day he’ll up and leave, with no plan to return.

And one day she’ll get out of that bed alone, look within herself, and find purpose that was there all along.

One day, those portions will be great and overflow with the confidence she craved.

One day, she’ll look at herself and feel good enough for the feet that carry her.

One day, she’ll be walking and glance upon the sky, thankful that she never caved. 


 © 2020, Zion-Glory. All rights reserved.

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